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From a small beginning as a Partnership firm, about a decade back, FLUID CONTROL PUMPS AND SYSTEMS have now become a Private Limited company as FLOW CONTROL PUMPS AND SYSTEMS PVT.LTD with A CLIENTLE list which includes almost all part of the country and few countries in abroad too.

Company has not only increased its client list, but also achieved many milestones in the process of manufacturing and marketing of DOZINGS PUMPS AND SYTEMS with its TRADE MARK 'FLUID CONTROL BY DROPS’.

It has emerged as a name to reckon in the field of pump manufacturing by supplying special pumps for defense industries with proven performance and Time bound deliveries etc. with a best after sales and service which can be considered at par only with multi-nationals and Public Sector undertakings.
Further the company has already achieved QUALITY CERTIFICATE ISO­9001-2008.

Even though, it is a Registered Small Scale Industry, the vision and mission of the company has surpassed all small scale standards and we are proud to claim it with great humility and devotion.


As in the case of any innovation and establishment, FLOW CONTROL also have lot of dreams to fulfill with many miles to go.

BUT UNLIKE others, we are with a vision to expand our activities not only to benefit our industry but also contribute to the nation's economy, by way of taxes, foreign exchange and above all employment potential to the youths and qualified with all those facilities, if not possible to better, at least within the government norms with all facilities like medical, insurance, provident fund and many more.

We firmly believe that the employees are the back born of our Industry and the customers are our godfathers.

In between there are many angles called REPRESENTATIVES, DEALERS, DISTRIBUTORS, SERVICE PROVIDERS and many so on.

As is in the case of a river, told that BOOND BOOND MILKAR
BANJA TEE HAl SARIT A KI DHAR, we also with each DROP of FLUIDS LIKE Employees, Suppliers, Representatives, Distributors, Dealers, Service Providers, Bankers and courier people and all those directly or indirectly contribute in our day to day activities, we are called FLOW CONTROL PUMPS AND SYSTEMS PVT.LTD and we do have no hesitation to accept that even if a single drop of the above missed to contribute all these years, we would not have become this ­what we are.

THEREFORE, we have a vision to grow more and more to be useful to all those mentioned here and also to keep a place in the future for our next generation and hence planning to increase the production of our present range and also add more to the list - but with utmost care for quality and price reasonability so that the GOAL of national contribution can be achieved.


Now our mission is to establish a dealership network through out the country i.e. at least a main DEALER in each state for the products manufactured by us so that we can reach all the customers with a personal approach and special care.

UNLIKE the water pumps and electrical motors, our products are not purchased by everyone but only selected industries and users and therefore appointing many dealers in one city or a major Distributor and number of dealers for a state will be an injustice to those who are willing to associate with us.

We wish that those who are joining hands with us should be our exclusive dealers for a large area where as they should also exclusively deal our products only when it comes the commitment part is.

The company has therefore decided to keep a flexible and transparent and sincere approach in the case of dealer appointment and effective handling.

WE, therefore, expect a lot from our Dealers, perhaps much more than that of any ordinary dealership - but of course much-much more to offer than that of others are offering.


In others case it may be terms and conditions but we feel that these are our expectation from our DEALERS.

A DEALER will be he who wants to be part of our marketing activities for a vast area surrounding to him.

He is ready to take sincere efforts to expand our reach with all the consumers by appointing Sales and Service personnel as may be required in consultation with us.

He has a clear vision and a Sales target to achieve from his territory for which he will do all those possible things like finding out local representatives for those areas where there are many customers, get registered us as the manufacturer vendor in all those organizations where registration is essential, send time to time market report, suggestions etc. based on Market studies, keep a watch on the development of new items and also the planning and procedures of competitors and do all such activities required for a Marketing Department of a Company, with a feeling of responsibility and affection towards the company, believing that it is his own.

He will be keeping a good number of pumps on stock, which he will decide according to the guidance from our Marketing Department.

He will not directly or indirectly associate with any of the other manufacturer producing similar products and will have a sense of proud to be associated with FLOW CONTROL.


For a dealer of this nature FLOW CONTROL will offer complete support such as:

A Trust on our Dealer that he is ours and will not do any harm to the organization.

A support to select the pumps for stock with an assurance to replace the pumps with other fast moveable of his area.

A sincere re-direction of all communications of his area, otherwise received directly, to him for follow up action.

Supply of the list of present clients of his territory with the details of materials being supplied and giving an over riding commission for all those sales done at his area, to keep the customer happy at least still he gets established the market. This will give him some sort of support - income - from those sales in which he is not connected ­but of course well connected with the brand due to his appointment as DEALER.

To have a comfortable deal and proper approach with those clients far from the dealer, if dealer feels it that a sub dealer appointment will be useful and recommends some for that - 'FLOW CONTRTOL' will definitely consider it on merit and appoint the sub dealer with a over riding commission fixed to him on mutual discussion.
Apart from the discount being offered in the price list, time to time promotional encouragements as may be decided by the

Marketing department will be passed on to him and also will be considered for awarding a special bonus based on the assessment of performance of the dealer.

A dealer once appointed will be a dealer to us unless there is any major dispute / not getting any business for long and or he is willing to wind up the business, but for no other reason a second dealer in his territory or a change in dealership will be considered by 'FLOW CONTROL' so long the agreement is in tact.


'FLOW CONTROL' is planning to enter in the production of MULTISATGE CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS and the sample production and trial is already over.

The Pumps will be introduced to the market very soon. In such case even though it is a marketable pump, the dealership net work will be expanded only after verifying the interest of our existing dealers that whether they are interested to take up the Distribution/Dealership of these Pumps also.

Apart from Multi Stage Centrifugal pumps 'FLOW CONTROL' will very soon produce Single and Multi Screw Pumps for various applications.

No need to mention here that the same too will be marketed through the existing Dealership network.

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