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Dosing Pumps with Auto Controller - Metering Pumps with Auto Controller

Dosing Pumps with Auto Controller
Model No FCP 5011 / 5017 / 5030 / 5040, FCH 5011 / 5017 / 5030 5040
Pump type Plunger / diaphragm
Capacity 0 - 10,000LPH
Discharge pressure 0 400 kg / sq.cm.
M.O.C.(wetted parts) SS304 / SS316 / alloy20 PP / PTFE / Hastalloy B / C
Signal source 4 - 20mA
The system consists of the following :

Pump / Motor / Converter / Digital controller / Proximity switch. The pump can be controlled remotely giving an advantage while controlling the discharge as per your process needs. The stroke control can be varied such as Process temp., Pressure, Main Flow Rate, Level of liquid, Humidity, Viscosity, Concentration etc.

Accuracy of flow is within + 1%. The controller is used to rotate the thimble with the help of converter.
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