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Flow Control Pumps & Systems : An ISO 9001 company, is operationally based at Nasik, 160 Kms from Mumbai and easily accessible by road and rail. The company, engaged in designing and manufacturing of highly precise positive displacement plunger / diaphragm type dosing and metering pumps, is professionally managed by highly experienced personnel in the respective areas of design, manufacturing and marketing. Amongst the strengths of the company, its Research & Development activities need a special mention. Apart from being headed by a highly competent technocrat, FCP's R & D department has endeared itself with its customer for its proactive attitude and its ability to take up difficult challenges to accommodate new problems and newer areas of applications. This has not only given the customers a very wide range of products to choose from but also has made FCPS more responsive to customer needs.
The sophisticated digital test bed in the factory backs the R & D activities to establish the veracity of new designs and also ensures the final quality of individual pump delivered.
The company bases its operations on Certified Quality Systems and the test procedure is based on the global industry standard - API 675.
As a means of customer support, the company has a well established national service network and ensures prompt supply of spares at very short notice.
Plunger Type
Capacity : 0 to 10,000 LPH;  Pressure : upto 400 kg / sq.cm.
Diaphragm Type
Capacity : 0 to 10,000 LPH;  Pressure : up to 100 kg / sq.cm.
Dosing systems
Dosing / Metered Spray systems are designed and manufactured as per customer's requirement
• Material of Construction :
Material for the pump liquid head is chosen as per the chemical characteristics of the liquid to be pumped. The materials normally used are Stainless Steel as per AISI 304, AISI 316, Polypropylene, PTFE, GFT, Alloy 20 & Hastalloy B/C. for all other parts, the best of materials is used which are subjected to thorough incoming check before usage.
• Technical Data :
Flow Control Pumps & Systems Design & manufacture dosing / metering pumps which are high precision positive Displacement plunger / diaphragm type pumps for controlled high accuracy feeding of any type of viscous fluid / chemical under any discharge pressure.
• Plunger Type Metering / Dosing Pumps :
We offer plunger type pumps of various models. The pump out put is manually / Automatically controlled while the pump is in motion or idle. The entire drive mechanism is well lubricated to save damages. We design & Manufacture Plunger type metering / Dosing Pumps. The range of Capacity is from 0 - 10,000 LPH & pressure up to 400 Kg. / Cm² in Plunger type Type pump depending upon various models. These are positive differences reciprocating Pumps. A stroke adjusting mechanism is provided to vary the flow as required. These pumps are designed to measure or control the flow of liquid with in deviation of ± 1%.
These pumps are self lubricated pumps, capable of pumping viscous fluids. Pumps with continues flow are also can be supplied.
• Diaphragm Type
These pumps are glandless any leakages of your corrosive. Toxic hazardous and costly fluids can be avoided. We offer sandwich type pumps with double diaphragm and rupture indicator. These Pumps are positive displacement Pumps with PTFE Diaphragm between Hydraulic oil & the liquid being pumped.
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